Seko team

Claudia Keller
Klaus Tappe
Sandra Witzger
Herbert Müksch
Marcus Manz
Klaus Jochaim Drese
Christian v. Drigalski

We are the Transformers

We will show you the transformation of our nice city and bring you together to feel good, have good conversations and, above all, cultivate friendships.

That's why we're currently on the road, looking for unusual locations and great new spots.

Berlin senators

Daniel Ziska, Rainer Ihde, Ulrich Misgeld, Dieter Klapproth, Christian Pech, Markus Busse, Joachim Schürch, Andreas Peter, Sebastian Stietzel, Wolfram Katthaen, Josef Schultheis, Ursula Brauner

Rediscover old things.