Welcome to the Senatorial Conference in Berlin

from April 25th to 28th, 2024

vision build transformation

How do visions develop, how and where does the transformation take place - what do we need for success?


What does this topic mean for us socially and for culture? Isn't transformation a completely normal process - simply evolution?


It probably couldn't be more current. Everything in the economy should be transformed, ideally now and immediately. Let's take a look at it, how does it work for Berlin and its companies?

Urban development

How does a city develop, what exactly is happening, who is driving it and what can be achieved in 30 years?

We'll show you a part of Berlin - from wild to normal.

partners & supporters




Visiting Wolt Germany. The Finnish delivery service and platform operator stands for pure transformation.

The general meeting will take place at the German Wolt headquarters.

Nicely located on the east harbor.


One of our evening locations will be the “Alte Gymnasium”. Where gymnastics was once practiced and the forward roll was practiced, we dance a leg - located in the neighborhood in Friedrichshain.

Transformation - gymnastics to dance.


Good things take time. We have organized a hotel contingent with 100 rooms. Of course also in a place of total transformation into an adventure city district - in the immediate vicinity of the East Side Gallery.

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